Once connected the OneDrive integration will allow you to share file attachments with your meeting participants. Once shared, attachments can be downloaded by all participants who have access to the Guest meeting link.

Please note the following:

  • Ensure you are logged in to your OneDrive account prior to adding an attachment.

  • If your OneDrive account is managed by an organisation, they may require the PlayBooks integration to be manually added to your app stack. Reach out to your IT manager or administrator to facilitate this.

  • If you have recently set up a Microsoft 365 subscription, you may need to set up your OneDrive first at this link.

Watch the OneDrive integration walk-through video

Setting up your OneDrive Integration

1. Add and Agenda point or Action point to your meeting. Click the ‘paperclip icon’ and select ‘Attach new file’.

2. Log in to your Onedrive or OneDrive for Business account, or create a free account and then log in.

3. Once logged in you’ll be asked to authorise PlayBooks to access your OneDrive account. Click ‘Yes’ to accept.

4. You can now see the contents of your OneDrive account. To add a file to PlayBooks, hover over the file icon and select the tick box in the top right corner. Then click ‘Open’ and the file will attach to PlayBooks

You can add multiple files to PlayBooks in one action, or add up to 10 files to any Agenda point or Action point.

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