PlayBooks contain advice and knowledge people can drop into a meeting to build a Game Plan. They can be written by you (and shared from your Private Library) or from external topic experts published in the Public Marketplace.

PlayBooks can contain multiple 'Plays' (think of them as chapters or songs in an album) that build a story or dig deeper into a topic.

Publishing Playbooks in the Public Marketplace lets you present your product or service expertise in a meeting, exactly at the time that topic is being discussed.

It can help you build awareness, trust and leads. As well as helping other business owners solve a problem or leverage an opportunity faster. That's a win-win.

How will people use your PlayBook?

In meetings when people have a question about a certain topic, instead of having to research or find an expert after the meeting, they will have the key talking points they need to guide their conversation or make a decision.

The best PlayBooks provide quick, clear talking points to guide a discussion or support decision making. They help people understand topics they are not an expert in.

PlayBooks typically;

  • Inform (best practice)

  • Evaluate (options)

  • (Outline a) Process

Let's look at a good example. This one is from Debtor Daddy.

  • This PlayBook contains six 'Plays' that people can add to their meeting about Credit Control and Invoicing.

  • Each 'Play' contains 3-4 short talking points and advice to help businesses understand the topic and work their way through a solution.

PlayBooks are branded.

You'll notice that the Debtor Daddy logo and a link to their website is included in each of their 'Plays'. So when attendees are reviewing meetings notes and going over the Game Plan, they can click through for more information or to discover the product or service you have that could add value to their business.

For more advice or to chat with one of our team about writing and publishing the best playBooks for your business, hit the pink live chat icon along the bottom right of your screen.

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