The PlayBooks, Calendly and calendar integration allows you to sync appointments booked through Calendly with your calendar and your PlayBooks account.


How the systems work together

  • See all of your meetings booked through Calendly in your calendar so you can still use your calendar to manage all of your meetings and day to day tasks.

  • See all of your Calendly meetings in PlayBooks after the meeting is booked so you can add agenda items, playbooks and action items.

  • Use Calendly to control the times your client can book in with you. Set to any time you have available in your existing calendar or for specific times. You can also control the length of the meeting they can book and how closely meetings can be booked so that you can control how much time you have between meetings. See more about using settings in Calendly here.

  • Calendly integrates with many different calendar tools including Office 365/, Outlook desktop (for Windows), Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and iCloud. See here for more information on setting up your Calendly with your calendar.

How it works for your clients

  • Clients can book a time that you have available without having to go back and forth on multiple time options while still protecting your calendar privacy.

  • Clients can also collaborate by sending agenda items through the Calendly invite when they book the meeting.

  • Clients receive a standard calendar invite that they can accept through their own calendar.

Watch the Calendly walk-through video

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