Your Calendly integration lets your clients book a meeting at the times that you have available in your existing calendar software while still protecting your calendar privacy. The meeting automatically populates in your calendar and in PlayBooks once the client has booked a meeting. See how it works for your client.

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How it works with your client

1. Go to your Calendly account and copy the link from the event type you would like to use. Paste this link into an email to your client inviting them to book in a time with you.

Note: By default, Calendly gives you several event types. You can select one of these or see more from Calendly about how to set up your event types here.

2. Your client can select one of your available times in an easy to view calendar without seeing what's in your calendar.

3. Once a time has been selected your client enters their name, email, any additional guests and any agenda items they would like to discuss. Anything typed into the question box will flow through to your PlayBooks meeting.

Tip: Multiple agenda items can be added to a booking by hitting enter each time. This will start another line and create an additional agenda item in PlayBooks.

Tip: You can customise your question in Calendly to let your customers know how to enter multiple items or to add more questions but only the first question box integrates with PlayBooks. See Calendly help on this here.

4. Your client will receive an email notification with a calendar invite just as if you had created the calendar invite your self.

5. The meeting will then be created in your account automatically with the items your client shared for discussion as agenda items.

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