Add an Action Point

To add an action point, select the meeting from the Meeting View.

To add a new action point, click on the + icon. This will create a new action point below where you can type in the information. Hit the enter key to save.

Assign an Action Point

To assign an action point, click on the profile image to the left of the action point. This will open a field to search your contact list or add the email address of the assignee. Once you select or add and email address, the action point will automatically update.

Once updated, the profile image will either turn into an A for Advisor, or a C for Client depending on who the action point is assigned to.

You can also assign a due date for the action point. Hover your mouse over the action point and click on the pencil, then select the drop down arrow and a calendar will appear. Select the date you want to assign, and then click anywhere outside the calendar. This will automatically update the action point.

Add attachments

You can also add attachments from OneDrive to action points. Simply click the paperclip icon to open up your OneDrive account and attach a file.

Files can be downloaded or removed from the file view menu.

Tip: See this support article for help setting up the OneDrive integration with PlayBooks.

Edit & Delete Action Points

To delete an action point, hover your mouse over the action point and a trash can will appear on the far right side. Click the trash can and follow the prompts to delete.

To edit an action point, hover your mouse over the action point and a pencil icon will appear towards the right side. Click on the pencil icon to edit.

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