Add Private Notes

Private notes can be added to your meeting agenda, this section is only visible to you and can not be seen by the client on the Guest Meeting Link.

To add these notes, select the meeting you want to add a private note to from the Meeting View.

To add a new private note, click on the + icon. This will create a new private note below where you can type in the information. Hit the enter key to save.

Entering & saving text

PlayBooks uses a rich text editor to create private notes, so you can add different formatting to your content:

  • Bold, Italic and strikethrough

  • Spacing and Headings

  • Dot points

  • Links

  • Emojis

To save a private note, click the tick button

Editing & deleting Private Notes

To edit or delete a private note, reopen the note by clicking the edit button then highlight the text you want to change/remove. Then save the note.

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