Add a New Contact

There are two ways to add a new Contact to PlayBooks.


You add a new contacts instantly from the participant listing on the meetings page. Adding the email address will create a new contact under the 'Contacts' tab, where you can update contact information when you choose.

Contacts tab

You can also add a new contact from the Contacts tab by selecting the '+ New Contact' button.

The Create New Contact modal will prompt you to enter the contact's details.

  • Contact Name - Enter the full name of your new contact.

  • Organisation - Enter the Organisation name. This is helpful if you have a number of contacts within an organisation.

  • Email Address - Enter the Contact's email address. This is a required field for all contacts in PlayBooks to include as you can assign and send action items directly from the PlayBooks App.

  • Industries - You can click on the Select drop-down and start typing to search, or scroll through the list, and select the appropriate industry for your client. This is optional, however, it can help to find relevant Plays and PlayBooks.

Once you have filled in all details, click the Create button.

View and Edit Contacts

You can edit your contacts from the Contacts tab by selecting the pencil icon on the contact tile.

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