The Playbooks Library tab is available from the main menu and can be accessed from anywhere in the system.

You can choose to filter the Playbooks Library by selecting one of the following options:

  • All playbooks - Displays your content, publicly available content and content shared in Spaces.

  • My playbooks - Shows only content you have added to PlayBooks, this is not visible to other users. This is your own content that you can share in meetings. Users on the Collaborate plan can share private Playbooks among other team members in Spaces.

  • Public playbooks - Displays all publicly available PlayBooks.

  • Shared playbooks - Shows content shared to Spaces you are a member of.

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Add a PlayBook & Play

Playbooks & Plays

When viewing Public playbooks, each tile represents a different PlayBook. The tile shows the title, how many Plays are contained within the PlayBook and the industry the content is relevant to.

Plays from Playbooks can be added to your meetings, see Add a PlayBook to your Meeting.

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