View Meetings

The Meetings tab is available from the main menu and can be accessed from anywhere in the system.

Note: When you first log in, this page it will appear empty until you have loaded clients and meetings. Clients need to be loaded before the meeting can be created.

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Add & Edit Clients

Add & Edit Meetings

View Meetings Filter

Use the View Meetings selection bar to filter views of your meetings by time; All Time, Next, Today, This Week, Next Week.

You can choose to filter your Meetings by selecting one of the following options:

  • All Time - includes all meetings in the future and past.

  • Next - is the next single meeting scheduled.

  • Today - includes all meetings for the entire day.

  • This Week - includes all meetings for the current week Monday to Sunday.

  • Next Week - includes all meetings for the week after this week Monday to Sunday.

Client Meetings Filter

You can also filter the list of meetings by clicking on the Client tile. This will still filter the list by the View Meetings option selected, but will also filter the list to only display meetings for that client.

Note: To clear the client filter, refresh your browser or switch to another tab and back.

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